Two injured in coastal walks as public urged to stay inland

Stormy weather is still causing dangerous conditions for motorists and pedestrians this evening, particularly in coastal areas.

A man in Dublin was rescued earlier after getting into trouble while out walking on Howth’s upper East Pier at around 3pm.

The Irish Coast Guard Rescue Team, RNLI lifeboat , Dublin Fire Brigade, HSE Paramedics and Gardaí responded.

The man was knocked from the upper to the lower pier - a drop of 10 feet (three metres).

He sustained an ankle injury and was treated by paramedics on scene.

Meanwhile in West Cork, a man was taken from Sherkin Island by lifeboat after breaking his leg during high winds.

He was taken to hospital on the mainland by Baltimore lifeboat.

The Coast Guard has made a further appeal to the public to refrain from visiting piers, seafronts and cliffs until the storm and high tides have passed.

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