Two hundred carers protest against grant cuts outside Leinster House

Around 200 family carers are taking part in another protest outside Leinster House over budget cuts.

As part of €3.5bn in tax hikes and spending cuts, it was announced last week that there would be a 19% decrease in the Respite Care Grant - which is to fall by €325 from €1,700 a year to €1,375.that their Respite Care Grant is be reduced by 19% or more than €300.

For the second time since the budget details were revealed in the Dáil last Wednesday, family carers have taken to the street outside Leinster House to protest.

Catherine Cox of the Carers Association - the organisers of the protests - says carers provide a huge service: “We estimate carers save the State €4bn every year, providing over three million hours of care in their own homes every week.

“What will happen in the long run is carers will be forced to put their loved ones in residential care and that will cost the Government a lot more.”

The carers are pledging to continue demonstrating until the Government reverses the cut to the payment.

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