Tusla report shows 6,258 children in care last year

Tusla today published its annual report for 2016.

The report outlines Tusla’s activities in its third year of operation during which the agency recieved 47,399 referrals to child protection and welfare services - an increase of 9%.

At the end of 2016 there were 6,258 children in care and 1,880 young people in receipt of aftercare services.

"Significant progress was made in 2016 in key areas such as the establishment of Tusla’s transformation programme, significant reductions in unallocated cases, a focus on early intervention work across the country, and inspections of early years services," said Brian Lee, director of quality assurance with Tusla.

"The establishment of Tusla’s transformation programme in 2016 was a significant step which will help to enhance key areas across the organisation including governance, HR systems, and organisational culture.

"At the heart of this is the new child protection and welfare strategy which will assist staff when engaging with children and families."

    Key achievements in 2016 include:

  • 93% of children in care were in a foster placement;
  • Staff around the country managed 47,399 referrals to child protection services;
  • 2,008 inspections of early years services

  • 38% reduction in unallocated cases;
  • 77% reduction in high priority unallocated cases;

  • Implementation of the Electronic Child Protection Notification System (CPNS);
  • Roll out of early intervention initiatives including child and family support networks and 1,041 ‘Meitheal’ processes initiated;
  • 99% of children in a general residential placement had an allocated social worker;
  • 30,980 children and 23,465 families referred to family support services;
  • Domestic, sexual and gender based violence services provided 155 units of accommodation (an increase of 6 units for 2015).

Tusla’s Annual Report 2016 is available to read in full here:

By Denise O’Donoghue

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