Tusla launches new system that aims to 'hear the voices of children and families'

Tusla says it is going to hold regular reviews of its new child protection strategy to ensure it is on the right track.

The new system, which was launched today, will involve children and families in decisions about their future.

It is also aiming to create greater consistency in the way cases are treated throughout the country and Tusla has already started training staff in this regard.

The new system will take between three and five years to implement and will factor in feedback from the people who actually use Tusla's services.

Tusla's Interim Head of Policy and Strategy Cormac Quinlan said: "We want to develop different types of measures.

"We want to also hear the voices of children and families and service users in that regard, so we'll be taking new steps to develop the capacity to build that information within that organisation and then reflect it back and learn through that.

"That's why we've said it's a three to five year program because we will have to learn through this journey as well and we have a lot of work to do to bring people on board with us," he said.



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