Tubridy loses cool with caller saying 'I would have broken both of your legs'

By Claire O'Sullivan

Radio broadcaster, Ryan Tubridy couldn't keep his feelings of anger to himself when interviewing a self-confessed wife beater telling him that he would "have broken both of your legs" if he had harmed anyone he loved.

The man, named only as Chris and originally from the UK, was on 2FM this morning talking about how he had beaten up his ex-wife so badly that she had to attend hospital.

Tubridy struggled to keep his reaction in check as he attempted to understand's Chris' motivations saying: " If you did that to somebody I loved my sister, my mother, my daughter, I swear to god, I'd personally call over and would have broken both of your legs, I’m not going to lie".

"I wouldn't have left you out the door, being honest.. I think it's man to man", he said after he asked Chris to explain how a man can continue to throw punches at a woman when she is cowering in fear.

Chris is calling for a greater focus on providing therapy to men found guilty of domestic violence so they don't re-offend.

You can hear the interview here, about an hour and 13 minutes into the recording.

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