Trinity College launch investigation after university newspaper admits secretly recording students

Trinity College Dublin has launched an investigation after a college paper admitted secretly recording students for an article.

There are calls for funding to be pulled from The University Times after it reported the details of an initiation ceremony for an all-male, invite-only, sporting society.

The President of Trinity's Student Union, Shane De Rís, says it could take an independent body to decide what, if any, action should be taken.

"It will be up to the college to decide if it is breaching college policy and ultimately it might be a case for somebody beyond college to decide if it should or should not have been done," said Mr De Rís.

On Tuesday, a statement released by the newspaper said that it would welcome "a full and fair investigation of our reporting methods by the Oversight Board".

The Editor of the student paper that broke the story hopes it helps bring an end to initiations.

Eleanor O'Mahony from The University Times has defended secretly recording members for the article.

"It's just horrible that these practices are taking place on Irish campuses, and that young people are being put under pressure to participate in them," she said.

"Sometimes members will participate willingly but it was all influenced by peer pressure and the cultures within these societies and I think it's really important that we expose this."

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