Trial of four bankers in Anglo case set for 2016

A date in early 2016 has been set for the trial of four former bankers accused of conspiring to mislead Anglo Irish Bank investors in relation to €7.2bn worth of transactions.

Former Anglo executives Willie McAteer and John Bowe along with former Irish Life and Permanent CEO Denis Casey and ILP's Peter Fitzpatrick were in court.

This was the first time the case came before Dublin Circuit Criminal Court since the four former bankers were sent forward for trial last month.

Solicitor Dara Robinson for John Bowe described the case as very complex with massive disclosure issues.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring was asked to hold off on fixing a trial date until October when the parties may have a better idea as to how long the trial will take.

But the judge said having a trial date would concentrate minds and after some minutes January 11 2016 was agreed – at least for now.

There will be a preliminary hearing on disclosure in November but the accused have been excused from attending.

The four bankers are accused of conspiring to mislead investors by inflating the deposits at Anglo Irish Bank through €7.2bn euro worth of transactions between Anglo, Irish Life & Permanent and Irish Life Assurance, in 2008.

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