Transport officials 'concerned' after Luas passenger doors open on the side of oncoming traffic

Transport officials have admitted they are "concerned" that Luas doors have been opening on the wrong side of the tram.

There have been a number of reports from passengers that doors on Green line carriages have been opening on the side of oncoming traffic and trams travelling in the opposite direction.

"Obviously that's of concern, and of concern to Transdev as well, and they are alerting drivers again to make sure that they open the doors on the right side at the stations," said National Transport Authority spokesperson Anne Graham.

Earlier today, the Green Party called for more buses and better, more affordable public transport in Dublin city centre.

The mayor of Paris has commissioned a study to see how viable it would be to introduce free public transport in the city.

Germany is trialling free transport in five major cities to reduce pollution and meet air targets.

Green Party Councillor Ciarán Cuffe said that cost of using public transport here needs to come down.

"Fares in Ireland, in Dublin, in the cities around Ireland, are expensive," he said.

"The idea of a free bus - I love it, I love the idea of it, but I'd much rather see a systemic reduction of public transport fares, because that's what Germany does, it's what France does.

"I think it's worth, piloting, I think it's worth seeing how many people would use it, and if it gets more people into town, if it's good for businesses in Dublin, if it's good for residents in Dublin, let's push it out further."

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