Time running out to change Garth Brooks' mind, warns LRC chief

Time is running out to convince Garth Brooks to change his mind and come to Ireland, Labour Relations Commission chief Kieran Mulvey warned today.

Mulvey - who acted as a mediator between residents and Croke Park officials to try to resolve the row over the number of concerts being held - said that Dublin City Council's decision cannot be amended or appealed

The Council has decided to allow only three of the five concerts in Croke Park to take place. But American singer says he will perform five gigs or none at all.

As talks continue behind the scenes to try and find the solution to the controversy, Mr Mulvey said that time is of the essence to hammer out a deal.

He claimed that Ireland's international reputation is becoming more damaged the longer the saga continues.

"Is there a new process that can be put in place within the existing constraints that would allow this matter to be revisited afresh? I think there are issues are trying to be worked on at the moment," he said.

"In the meantime, Garth Brooks is awaiting decisions and I think we have a very short period of time to convince him to change his mind and come to Ireland."

A protest is now underway around now at Croke Park Stadium by a group of local residents who are calling on Dublin City Council to reverse its decision.

They say the event will bring jobs and an economic boost to the area and they want all five shows to go ahead.

Earlier, the Government ruled out enacting emergency legislation to resolve the dispute, saying that the decision taken by the Council is a planning decision and is therefore independent of Government.

Protest organiser Susan Mangan called on the Taoiseach to intervene.

"We're calling on the Taoiseach, he was able to change legislation overnight for the bankers, for the country," she said.

"Now that the eyes of the world are on us at the minute, he can change legislation, let these five concerts go ahead.

"With the economy… boom - and it's all for the good.

"He can do it and us as people should call on him to do that."

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