Ticket blunder delays family's deportation

The deportation of a Nigerian family was delayed again today after British Home Office officials were blamed for a ticketing blunder.

Comfort Adefowoju and her four young children were taken to Heathrow Airport for a flight back home when it was discovered there was no ticket for her youngest child.

She has already won two last-minute reprieves after a campaign to stop the deportation involving all the main political parties in the North.

Friends and supporters of Belfast-based Ms Adefowoju are due to gather outside Belfast City Hall to urge the British Home Office to reconsider the decision.

The family, who left Nigeria to live in east Belfast two years ago after she claimed she had been threatened by paramilitaries, is being held at a detention centre in England.

Alex Maskey, a Sinn Féin member at the Northern Ireland Assembly, said the family had been told today they could not fly as a ticket was not bought for Ms Adefowoju’s baby.

He added: “I am angry at the incompetence of the Home Office who brought a single mother and four young children, the youngest only 10 months, to Heathrow at 3.30am and caused immense stress and trauma to them and their friends in Ireland.

“The Home Office have questions to answer on this human rights issue.”

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