Three jailed for vicious Temple Bar assault on US tourists

Merchants Arch. Pic: Google Maps

Three men have been jailed for a total of 12 years for their parts in a brawl that led to two American tourists being beaten with glass bottles.

A gang of men attacked the brothers after they intervened in a robbery in the Temple Bar area of Dublin in April 2012.

US stockbroker Garth Russell suffered permanent scarring after being bottled during the attack -- he still has glass embedded in his face, the court was told.

His brother Patrick suffered a broken arm after he was beaten with a glass bottle -- the man responsible for that is already behind bars.

Three others: Ian Dent of Stanaway Road, Crumlin, Richard Fish of St Anthony's Road, Rialto and Aidan Finnegan of Reuben St. Rialto were charged with violent disorder.

The court heard they were part of a gang who chased the Americans down the quays after they tried to help the victim of a robbery at Merchants Arch.

Today, Dent was sentenced to five years in jail. Finnegan was handed a four-year sentence and Fish was jailed for three.

Before sentencing, Judge Patrick McCartan heavily criticised the juvenile justice system noting that the three friends had been before the courts time and time again, proving the system isn't capable of dealing with them.

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