Thousands of tonnes of water dumped on Kildare wildfires threatening explosives factory

Air Corps helicopters have dumped thousands of tonnes of water on wildfires in north Kildare, which had threatened an explosives factory.

There were fears last night's fire at Hortstown and the Bog of Allen, might reach the Irish Industrial Explosives plant at Clonagh.

It is under control now, but Mick Power, estates risk manager with Coillte, says it shows how easily things can get out of hand.

He is urging people to be sensible with sources of ignition while the country is under a status red wildfire warning.

"If those four elements come together," he said, "you have a heavy fuel load, that the fuel load is dry, conditions around are dry and you have a drying wind, well you have a problem on your hands straight away.

"So that's the position we find ourself in and will be in for the weekend."

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