Thousands attend pro-Palestine rally in Dublin

Thousands of anti-war protesters marched through the streets of Dublin this afternoon in solidarity with people of Gaza.

The death toll has now hit 341, on the 12th day of confrontation between Israel and Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

Up to 3,000 people took to the streets of Dublin in protest against the conflict. The group marched from the Spire on O' Connell street, to the Dail and then onto the Israeli embassy.

Members of the Ireland-Palestine solidarity campaign staged a minutes silence to coincide with a "die-in".

Demonstrators also want the Government to take action, including the immediate suspension of the EU's preferential trade agreements with Israel.

Of the 341 people killed in Gaza so far, three are Israeli, while the rest are Palestinian.

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Press Spokesperson Freda Hughes said: “People from all sectors of society have turned out today to show their support for the people of Gaza. The situation for them is dire; 1.8 million people reside in an area no bigger than Dublin with inadequate access to proper drinking water, food and medicine and with no freedom of movement in or out of the region.

“We have campaigned tirelessly on these issues for years, but this recent assault has seen huge numbers of people join our call for sanctions to be imposed upon Israel until it complies fully with international law and respects the human rights of the Palestinian people.”

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