This interactive Census map reveals incredibly detailed local data

An online tool that allows the public to map hundreds of types of data at the local level has been launched today.

Maynooth University’s All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) today launched the Census 2016 Mapping Viewer, providing access to vast amounts of information collected in the nationwide survey.

The viewer allows users to search any region in the country and easily determine local information on a variety of topics such as religion, ethnicity, marital status, social class, occupation and level of education.

The tool is based on Census Small Area and Electoral Division geographies so users can analyse trends nationally or zoom into the most detailed neighbourhood level.

For example, it is possible for a user to easily determine the number of people in a neighbourhood who own more than four cars.

AIRO worked closely with the Central Statistics Office on the project, according to Director Justin Gleeson.

“Our Census Mapping toolkits provide users with the most detailed census mapping in Ireland and are available at the national, regional and local levels.

"Central to AIRO’s philosophy is the belief that all decision-making should be informed by accurate and transparent evidence," he said.

"We can now visualise Irish data on population, religion, place of birth, ethnic group, housing, labour force, industry, transport and general health. This is essential data and insight to be used for future policy development in Ireland," he added.

President of Maynooth University Philip Nolan said the service is "of huge advantage to the public, planners and policy makers".

Deirdre Cullen of Central Statistics Office said: “For anyone involved in research, planning, policy making or indeed those just interested in demographics, the Census 2016 Mapping Viewer is a fantastic tool to get a really good picture of life in Ireland in 2016.”

The easy-to-use tool is available here

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