Teen screams abuse at judge after bail revoked

Children's Court in Dublin

A 15-year-old schoolboy screamed abuse at a judge today as he was held on remand in connection with an alleged attempt to ram a garda car in Dublin.

The boy was driving a stolen 4X4 when he allegedly attempted to ram the car in the early hours of today, it was claimed at the Dublin Children's Court.

In the morning's court sitting, he had been granted bail with several conditions including a ban on him having contact with another teenager suspected of being a passenger in the stolen car.

However, later in the day, the boy's bail was revoked after Judge John O'Connor heard that he had spoken to his co-defendant in front of gardaí at the courthouse.

The teen, who had difficulty keeping his eyes open, also picked up two breach of the peace charges over and launched into a foul-mouthed attack on the judge, who had decided to revoke his bail.

The boy, who had cuts on his forehead and to the side of his head, shouted “goggle eyed b**tard” at the judge.

He insisted that after initially getting bail he had remained at the courthouse to find out if he could get back his phone back which has been seized by gardaí.

“I was going to go home, only wanted my f***ing phone back , you goggle eyed bastard,” he then screamed as gardaí moved in to escort him from the courtroom.

Medical attention was ordered for the teenager during his remand in custody and he will face his next hearing on January 20.

His mother was present for the proceedings and on leaving she said her son needed medical attention and claimed that the boy had been beaten up the night before his court appearance.

She had also told the court that her son needed to go to substance abuse counselling.

The city's juvenile court was told that at 4.30am today, the boy had been spotted driving a stolen 4X4 in north Dublin and failed to stop when signalled by gardaí.

Garda Ross Brierly told Judge O'Connor that the pursuit lasted 35 minutes and the teenager repeatedly drove against the flow of traffic and on the wrong side of roundabouts.

It was alleged that the boy, who is charged with unlawfully using the stolen high-powered car, was “weaving in and out of on-coming traffic”.

At all stages during the alleged pursuit, the stolen car's lights were not activated and it was claimed he sped off on roads at the back of Dublin Airport while being monitored by a Garda helicopter.

The court was also told that on numerous occasions during the chase, the boy broke red lights and it was claimed that at one point he drove at a garda car which had to take evasive action.

It was also claimed that the drive came to an end when the teenager had a blow-out and he was arrested in Glasnevin, in the city's north-side.

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