Teachers seek meeting with new Minister over junior cycle changes

Teachers are seeking a meeting with the new Education Minister to resolve the current row over proposed changes to junior cycle assessment.

The ASTI has wished Jan O' Sullivan well in her new appointment as she takes over the job from her Labour colleague Ruairi Quinn.

Planned talks on the reform with the ASTI and TUI teachers' unions were not held by Quinn before the Cabinet reshuffle yesterday.

From September, a new curriculum is due to be taught - first in English as part of a roll-out.

There are also plans for teachers marking final examinations from within the school, rather than using external assessment.

However, teachers said the proposals, as they stand, do not have the confidence of teachers or parents.

"We're also asking the Minister to reverse the cuts that have existed over the last five years," said ASTI General Secretary Pat King.

"We've lost teachers, we've lost guidance counsellors … we have to reverse those cuts and start investing in education."

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