TDs in angry exchange over ... whose town is the world capital of tourism

Two TDs have locked horns on the floor of the Dáil ... each claiming their home town is the world capital of tourism.

Michael Healy-Rae claimed Killarney was the world’s tourism capital as he demanded more resources for the town’s national park.

"We all know Killarney is not the tourism capital of Kerry or Ireland or Europe, it is the tourism capital of the world and I want to put that on record of the house."

Mr Healy-Rae was quickly contradicted, however, by Junior Minister Michael Ring - who said his own home town of Westport deserved the accolade.

"As far as I am concerned the No 1 place in Ireland, Europe and the world is Westport and anytime you want to come down on holiday you are welcome to come down."


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