TDs Flanagan, Daly, Wallace, Collins keen to join Supreme Court promissory-note appeal

Joan Collins

Four TDs wish to join businessman David Hall's Supreme Court appeal against the issuing and payment of promissory notes.

Referring to the overnight liquuidation of the IBRC, lawyers for the Minister for Finance said matters had changed overnight and negotiations in Frankfurt could make the case practically meaningless.

David Hall wants an urgent appeal hearing ahead of the scheduled €3.1bn promissory notes payment due at the end of March.

He lost his High Court action on the basis that he had no legal standing to bring the case because he was not a TD.

The Supreme court will decide on Friday next week whether four Dáil deputies can join the appeal. They are Clare Daly, Luke Flanagan, Mick Wallace and fPeople Before Profit's Joan Collins.

Deputy Collins said: "This is not just about promissory notes. This is about any financial transaction that the Minister now has powers to make. Tomorrow morning, if he felt the banks needed another €5bn, he could do that still."

When this preliminary issue is dealt, with Chief Justice Susan Denham will consider whether David Hall's case should be given priority.

She said fast-moving events might well mean there is a degree of mootness to the case – a point earlier raised by barrister Michael McDowell on behalf of the Finance Minister.

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