Taskforce to address fall-out after closure of five English-language schools

A taskforce looking into a series of closures at English language schools meets for the first time today.

Five centres have shut down in recent weeks, prompting the setting up of a panel including officials from the departments of education and justice, other language schools and student groups.

The closures have left hundreds of students out of pocket. Some with visa issues are being allowed grace periods on their immigration status to help them stay in this country while problems are sorted out.

Chief executive of Marketing English in Ireland David O'Grady is a member of the taskforce and said the issue would be tackled on two fronts.

"One is to address the problem that's there now, in other words to quantify the number of students who seem to be dislocated and try to organise them and place them into programmes," he said.

"The second one is more long term whereby we see how to not let this happen again."

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