Taoiseach to make State apology to Magedelene survivors

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny will make a State apology to the women who were sent to Magdalene laundries when the Dáil debates a report into the issue this evening.

A financial package for more than 800 surviving women is also to be announced.

It is now two weeks since the McAleese report was published and this evening the Taoiseach will bow to the mounting calls for a formal apology.

At around 6pm when the Dáil debate begins Enda Kenny will issue the apology on behalf of the State after the report showed State involvement in the laundries and the sending of women to them.

This morning the Cabinet is also expected to sign off on a compensation package for the around 800 survivors.

Counselling services, healthcare and individual payments are expected to make up the compensation scheme which the Government hopes can be implemented without the involvement of lawyers and hefty legal bills.

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