Taoiseach says US made a mistake in leaving UN Human Rights Council

The Taoiseach says the US has made a mistake by pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council.

The US made the decision yesterday after continued criticism of its clampdown on illegal immigration which has seen thousands of children separated from their parents and held in detention centres.

It has accused the UN of double standards for not taking action against other countries guilty of human rights violations.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says regardless of this, Donald Trump has made a mistake.

"I think it's deeply regrettable, I have always believed in the politics of engagement and that means you are at a table with people you disagree with," he said.

"I think they have a point in pointing out some of the double standards that exist but the fact that the political left around the world engage in double standards in human rights or democracy doesn't really walk off the pitch and I think it's a mistake."

Meanwhile, a US-based Irish immigration lawyer is calling for a boycott of the US Embassy's 4th of July reception in protest against Donald Trump's immigration policies.

The US President is facing international criticism after it emerged that children are being taken from their parents and held in cages at the Mexican border.

The Irish Stand campaign is calling on Irish politicians to condemn the regime.

Immigration attorney Fiona McEntee says she doesn't know how anybody could celebrate America right now.

"I just don't know how anyone in all consciences could sit there with a glass of wine in their hand, cheersing, knowing what's happening over the border, the images of these kids in cages.

"We want them to speak out and not participate in that kind of thing," she said.

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