Taoiseach in favour of financial assistance for couples seeking IVF

The Taoiseach says he is in favour of financial support for parents seeking IVF treatments.

Many countries have updated their laws on the issue.

But a 2015 law regulating donor-assisted human reproduction still hasn't taken effect here.

It would ban anonymous donation and provide for the setting up of a national register so children can access information once they turn 18.

Leo Varadkar says it's very necessary legislation but it's fallen behind schedule.

"It is the case that we already provide some assistance through the tax system.

"You can write off 20% of the cost against tax and the medicines are covered under the DPS scheme.

"But couples who need IVF or need AHR do face very high costs. We would like to assist them in some way and we set aside some money to do that," the Taoiseach added.

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