Taoiseach apologises for diary error

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has apologised after an error suggested he had not disclosed a meeting with the former Justice Minister days before the Garda Commissioner resigned and just before the Garda Tapes scandal emerged.

Sinn Féin claimed the meeting took place on the morning of Sunday, March 23, after it requested Mr Kenny's diary through Freedom of Information.

The meeting would have taken place hours before the Taoiseach says he learned about the Garda Tapes affair from the Attorney General.

However, a spokesman for the Taoiseach says there is an error in the diary released to Sinn Féin.

He says the diary is compiled retrospectively - and that the meeting actually took place on the following Monday evening, not on the Sunday morning.

Speaking to reporters in Wicklow, Mr Kenny confirmed the mistake, saying: "In fact I wasn't in Dublin until around four on that Sunday, I was doing something down in the Shelbourne to with some of the international groups.

"Obviously, my apologies if that was sent out in error, it's not true. Sunday morning meetings are rare, but I wasn't in Dublin at all."

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