Tánaiste Joan Burton clashes with Fianna Fáil in the Dáil

The Tánaiste Joan Burton and and Labour leader has clashed with Fianna Fáil, accusing the party of being afraid to enter Government.

During questions in the Dáil about mortgage interest rates, Joan Burton reminded Fianna Fáil that it was they who brought the Troika here five years ago.

In bizarre scenes she told Deputy Barry Cowen to "shut up" and at another stage asked a deputy "are you a baby or just acting like a baby?"

And she took the opportunity to comment on Fianna Fáil's Director of Elections Billy Kelleher's view that the party would continue in opposition after the general election: “You’re not in the game at all, you are not even going to be involved in Government,

“For a party that made that announcement and it was a fitting announcement, on the fifth anniversary of yourselves bringing the Troika into Ireland.

"By the way lads, we are taking the ball and we are leaving the field.”


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