Tallies indicate a major Yes vote for Marriage Referendum

Ireland has voted for marriage equality becoming the first country in the world to allow same sex marriage after a vote of the people.

The first results are still awaited from constituencies and a formal national declaration in Dublin Castle won't happen until later this afternoon.

However, from the tallies the vote was overwhelmingly in favour, and the No campaign has already conceded defeat.

As the tallies started at 9am this morning in most parts of the country the Yes vote was stronger.

Dublin is showing the strongest Yes vote - box after box across the capital showing in excess of 60% and climbing to as much as 80% in some places.

From the tallies it appears not a single box in Dublin bucked the trend and voted No.

A similar picture has emerged from other urban areas across the country - more than 60% Yes in Limerick city.

But even in rural areas many boxes showed a Yes majority - on the Atlantic seaboard in West Clare the parish of Quilty voted 58% Yes.

Donegal - infamous for nearly always going the other way from the rest of the country in referendums - looks like it could pass marriage equality, though some of the more rural parts of the county voted No.

The Western parts of Cork - in the North West and South West constituencies also tend to be the most traditional and conservative - but look set to pass the referendum.

One constituency where it is very very close is Roscommon-South Leitrim - even in boxes like Lecarrow it was a draw - 135 votes for Yes and 135 for No - it is still too early to say how that constituency will vote, but it could be the only one to vote No.

In the border counties of Cavan and Monaghan the referendum looks set to pass with a 52% Yes vote from tallies.

The first formal results are still awaited but could come in the next hour - a final national declaration will not be made until later this afternoon at Dublin Castle.

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