Talks continue on consultants' contract

Talks are continuing at the Health Service Executive Employers Agency to hammer out a deal that will finally see a consultant’s contract being finalized.

It is understood that progress has been made in some areas, particularly consultants working hours and the appointment of clinical directors.

All of the other areas remain to be fully resolved, although around half a dozen have been discussed.

The mood is described as positive and constructive. The Chief Executive of the Health Service Executive Professor Brendan Drumm has said he wants a deal signed and sealed by tonight

It is unclear at this time if they will be returning tomorrow.

Negotiations have gone on for over two years, and several deadlines have passed, without agreement.

If the talks fail, the Government may revive its plan to appoint all new consultants under its terms, a move which would be opposed by consultants.

It emerged today that a contingency plan is in place should agreement not be reached. A move which has angered the consultants which has accused the employers of a lack of trust

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