Survey reveals level of dissatisfaction at 'aggressive' charity fundraisers on streets

More than a third of people say charity fundraisers on the street are "aggressive" and "annoying".

A new survey from the office of the Charities Regulator also revealed high levels of dissatisfaction with the way street fundraising by so called 'chuggers' is conducted.

Another 37% said being approached on their doorstep was inappropriate.

However, 22% of people understood that charities need to pursue all options.

The regulator yesterday published fundraising guidelines for charities to run their organisation effectively, avoiding difficulties in respect of fundraising activities and complying with their legal duties.

Charities Regulator Chief Executive John Farrelly said: "As a responsive regulator we will ensure a ‘right touch’, proportionate and targeted approach using our dedicated procedures for receiving solicited and unsolicited information.

"We will require the trustees of each registered Irish charity to be able to explain and justify their approach to fundraising from the public, particularly if they decide not to follow good practice as set out in these guidelines."

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