Survey reveals Irish people's hopes and fears about growing older

A new survey has revealed what people most look forward to, as well as fear, about growing older.

The survey was conducted by ALONE among 277 respondents on the charity’s email database, comprising of people of various backgrounds and ages around Ireland.

The top three things respondents look forward to are; less stress, taking up hobbies and time with family.

The three things people worry most about with regard to growing older are; poor health, not having enough money and being alone or lonely.

Sean Moynihan, CEO of ALONE, said: “Younger people often forget that a vote for older person’s issues is a vote for their own futures.

“Meanwhile older people rarely put their own needs to the fore when choosing candidates, preferring to worry about their grandchildren’s education, or the young couple down the road who are struggling to get a mortgage.

“We found the survey results incredibly interesting, and feel confident that the policies identified in ALONE’s election manifesto – ‘AGE16’ will address these issues.

“Our respondents were most concerned about being able to maintain independence on the state pension, finding themselves isolated or lonely and the ability of the healthcare system to support them when they need it”.

ALONE also asked respondents to submit any other concerns they may have about ageing, these included; the fear of being hindered from making a contribution, losing respect from society and feeling vulnerable amidst rising crime levels.

Moynihan continued: “This survey has revealed that people fear that they will find themselves voiceless and unheard as they get older.

“It is so important for people of all ages to ensure the needs of older people have a voice in this election, a vote of older peoples’ needs is a vote for our future”.

“We are asking the public to inform canvassers and candidates that they will consider the needs of older people a priority when making their decisions on Election Day.

“Prioritising the needs of our older people is something that everyone should take an interest in as inevitably we all grow older and the decisions we make now will impact us later.”

ALONE is a national charity which supports older people to age at home.


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