Survey reveals cost is the main barrier to keeping fit

Reasearchers have been counting the financial and the human cost of health.

A survey by Irish Life Health has found that most people feel that cost is the main barrier to staying fit.

But pharmacist and wellness coach Miriam Kerins-Hussey says that doesn't add up.

She said: "In the grand scheme of things, I really believe it is relatively cheap because what is really expensive is when you get sick and when you get sick that is ultimately one of the biggest costs you will ever have and experience in your life."

The survey also found that we think of the gym when we think of health.

Ms. Kerins- Hussey believes we can take control of our well-being ourselves.

She said: "A lot of things such as movement, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, stress, sleep, all of these things are not expensive.

"We can take control of them within ourselves in our own lives without having to fork out massive money."


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