Survey: Only 1 in 10 older adults rely on public transport

Just one in ten older adults in Ireland rely on public transport.

A new TILDA survey shows that almost 60% of adults aged over 50, in rural areas, rate their public transport services as poor or very poor.

The report highlights the need for improved transport networks to meet the needs of older people.

Just 3% of adults in rural Ireland with a free travel pass use public transport.

New research carried out by TILDA shows a drastic comparison with Dublin based adults with a pass - where almost one in three use public transport.

The study also shows as people get older, they are less likely to drive themselves and more likely to rely on lifts from others.

Dr Orna Donoghue, TILDA Project Manager commented: “Many individuals, especially those in rural areas, must travel to access key services such as shops, banks, post offices and health and social care services.

"In recent years, many of these rural services have closed and moved to larger towns and cities, which can make it more difficult for those who rely on lifts from others and/or public transport to access these services as regularly and as easily as they once did.

"In many cases, a car is the only way for these individuals to access these services and interact with others in their communities."


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