Supreme Court rules in favour of Seanad committee on Callely expenses

A High Court decision that fair procedures were breached in findings against former senator Ivor Callely over his expenses claims has been overturned.

In a 47-page judgment, the Supreme Court backed a ruling by the Seanad committee of Members’ Interests that Mr Callely had misrepresented his normal place of residence when claiming expenses.

In an earlier decision, the High Court – which is below the Supreme Court - ruled in favour of Mr Callely.

The former Fianna Fáil junior minister had argued there had been a breach of fair procedures in the actions of fellow senators against him over the affair.

However, a majority of the seven-judge Supreme Court agreed to quash this decision and upheld the appeal brought by the Seanad committee.

Mr Callely was suspended for 20 days and docked pay amounting to nearly 17,000 euro as a result of the action by the Seanad committee in 2010.

They found he had misrepresented his place of residence as west Cork when claiming his expenses.

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