SuperValu warn customers over text message scam

SuperValu is warning people to be aware of a text message scam.

The supermarket chain took to Twitter this afternoon to issue a warning over reports that a scam is doing the rounds.

The test message claims to offer prizes from SuperValu which then asks you to share personal data.

The supermarket wrote: "We want to issue a warning after receiving reports from members of the public of a text message scam that claims to offer prizes by asking them to click on a link and take a survey or by sharing personal data."

"This has NOT been issued by SuperValu and we advise to delete the text message if you have received it as it is a phishing scam.

"SuperValu never sends out competitions or data requests by text, so please be vigilant and delete the text if you have received it."

The retailer is urging the public to be cautious.

- Digital Desk



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