Sunshine 'acts like heroin', and there's plenty to come

Scientists have claimed that sunshine acts like an addictive drug and has a similar effect on the body as heroin.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun stimulate the production of feelgood hormones that act on the same biological pathway as opiates.

The study suggests that the desire to bake for hours on a beach involves more than topping up a tan.

Meteorologist Evelyn Cusack agrees sunshine is uplifting, but perhaps it's because a long spell of sunshine is exceptional here.

"We do get quite a lot of cloud because our weather generally comes in from the Atlantic," she said.

"So when we do get sunshine - weeeee!"

"It's unusual to get three of four consecutive sunny days so that's what's so nice when we get a nice spell of weather, that you feel you can plan and do something."

Met Éireann is predicting temperatures of 22C across the country today with highs of between 18-23C tomorrow.

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