Study to examine 'how aspirin may prevent spread of breast cancer'

A new clinical study aimed at improving outcomes for breast cancer patients is being rolled out today.

It follows recent research, funded by the Irish Cancer Society and Health Research Board, which found that women who had been prescribed aspirin regularly - before being diagnosed with breast cancer - were less likely to have cancer that spread to the lymph-nodes.

'Breast-Predict' is aimed at understanding how aspirin may improve outcomes in breast cancer patients.

The research is being unveiled to coincide with the launch of a new 'Paint it Pink' campaign aimed at raising money to fight against breast cancer.

Dr Sinead Walsh, Acting Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society, outlines what will happen next.

Dr Walsh said: "The next step in this research is to investigate how aspirin might prevent the spread of breast cancer, and that's what the Irish Cancer Society research group have been doing in this new study.

"They are going to be looking to get information from almost 3,000 patients across the country to help address this question.

"It's allowing breast cancer patients to play their part in getting new discoveries that will imoprove the lives of future breast cancer patients."

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