State wants to mediate claims brought against it by Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe

Maurice McCabe

The State wants to settle through mediation several damages actions brought against it by retired Garda Sergeant and whistleblower Maurice McCabe.

The High Court heard today the State is to write "an open letter" to Mr McCabe's solicitors in an effort to see if several actions brought by him against parties including the Garda Commissioner can be resolved through mediation.

The mediation offer was mentioned when one set of proceedings brought by Mr McCabe against parties including the Garda Commissioner, the Minister for Justice, Ireland the Attorney General, and former Garda Commissioner Martin Callanan was mentioned before the court.

Mr McCabe's lawyers had filed a motion seeking a judgement against the parties over their alleged failure to file a defence to his claim.

Gerald Meehan Bl for the State defendants said his clients had not filed a defence as it would not help bring the sides together in a bid to see if a "conciliatory mediation" could take place.

Counsel said the proposed mediation would involve all cases taken against the State by Mr McCabe.

Counsel said the proposed mediation was being made not just in the interests of all the parties but also "in the public interest".

Counsel said the State will write to Mr McCabe's solicitors Sean Costello & Co to see if mediation is possible.

Emily Maloney Bl for Mr McCabe expressed her client's concerns about any further delays in the cases.

The case was before Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds, who adjourned the case against the State for three weeks.

The Judge said she understood Mr McCabe's concerns about delays, but in the circumstances she was prepared to adjourn the matter.

Separately a number of pretrial motions in actions taken by the retired Sergeant, his wife and their four children against the HSE and Tusla the Child and Family Agency, (CFA) were also mentioned before the court.

Maurice McCabe
Maurice McCabe

The McCabes had brought motions seeking judgements against the HSE and the CFA over an alleged failure to file defences to their claims.

The motions in those cases where the McCabes seek damages over the false sexual abuse allegations made against him were struck out with the consent of the parties.

It was also agreed that the defendants could have an additional four weeks to file their defences to the claims.

Previously the State admitted liability in personal injuries claims and a defamation action brought by Mr McCabe.

Last October Mr McCabe retired from An Garda Siochána, following 30 years service, weeks after the publication of the Disclosures Tribunal report in which Mr Justice Peter Charleton described the Cavan-based sergeant as having done the State “considerable service”.

The Tribunal found former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan and Supt David Taylor had engaged in a smear campaign against Mr McCabe in response to his whistleblowing.

The report found that Mr McCabe was a genuine person who had the interests of the people of Ireland in his mind at all times.

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