Stardust victims to end protest at Silver Swan pub

Survivors and relatives of the Stardust victims have reportedly decided to end a 10-week protest at the new pub adjacent to the site of the former nightclub.

The Stardust Victims' Committee had been protesting at the Silver Swan since the 25th anniversary of the fire that killed 48 people at the Stardust nightclub on St Valentine's Day 1981.

They demanded that the pub be renamed because the Silver Swan was the name of the pub originally adjoining the nightclub.

They also wanted the owners to erect a memorial to those killed in the fire.

Reports this morning said the protests were now due to end following talks at the weekend between the Victims' Committee and Eamon and Colm Butterly, the owners of the Silver Swan and the Stardust.

The Butterlys have reportedly agreed to change the name of the pub to the Artane House and to erect a memorial to the 48 people who died 25 years ago in the Stardust fire.

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