Some inmates were forced to spend 30 hours 'cocooning'

Some inmates in Irish prisons were forced to stay in their cells for 30 hours during the pandemic.

A report from the Inspector of Prisons and Maynooth University focused on the impact compulsory 'cocooning' had on prisoners.

As of yet, there have been no cases of Covid-19 in Ireland's prisons, but this report found the measures took a toll on inmates.

In April, the Red Cross sent 86 journals to most people who were cocooning, such as those over 70 or with serious medical conditions.

Prisoners claim they were forced to eat meals out of cardboard boxes, which was 'dehumanizing'.

Some claim that they were not allowed to go to the exercise yard for up to 30 hours to get fresh air. They say mental health was already a big issue in prison, and Covid-19 worsened that.

The report also says that lessons should be learnt on how to lessen the suffering of prisoners if there is a second wave and public health restrictions are reimposed.