Skilled Irish people 'still welcome' in Australia after 457 visa programme scrapped

The Australian ambassador to Ireland says skilled Irish people will continue to be welcome in Australia despite the scrapping of the 457 visa programme.

The 457 visa has made it possible for foreign workers and their families to live and work Down Under, if sponsored by an employer.

It had a high take-up of Irish workers in varying industries, but the Australian government says it is now prioritising employment opportunities for its own citizens

Australian ambassador to Ireland Richard Andrews says while certain skills are no longer in demand due to changing market conditions, other skilled Irish workers are still welcome.

"So Australia is always going to have a requirement for skilled migrants.

"We're always going to welcome people with good skills in areas of our economy from time to time where we need those skills, and Irish people over the years have been excellent migrants to Australia and we would continue to expect them to be welcome," he said.

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