Size of home 'could determine level of water charge'

The size of your home may initially determine the level of water charges, it has been reported.

Today's Sunday Independent reports that water charges are likely to come in before all homes have a meter fitted.

This could mean that the size of a property, rather than the number of people living there, will be assessed.

Families are expected to face bills of between €250-€300 a year for water and as yet, there has been no announcement on what the free allowance will amount to.

It has also been reported that management that Irish Water sent around 300 staff on a Laughter Yoga workshop.

The Irish Mail on Sunday reports that the course cost €6,000.

The session was intended as a morale-boosting exercise for workers.

Laughter Yoga practice includes prolonged bouts of forced laughter - which its promoters say helps boost wellbeing.

Irish Water has been in the spotlight over spending €50m on consultants so far as part of the roll-out of the new national service.

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