Six hundred turn out for anti-austerity meeting

Socialist TD Joe Higgins

Around 600 people have turned out for a meeting in Dublin this afternoon, to voice their opposition to the Property Tax.

The Campaign Against Household And Water Charges, who organised the meeting, have said the tax and water charges are "unjust" and will leave already struggling homeowners on the brink of poverty.

Earlier this week, an IMF document revealed that the Government told the EU Commission it expects to raise €500m from water charges, which are expected to set households back by €370 a year.

Speaking at today's anti-austerity meeting in Dublin, Socialist TD Joe Higgins called on the Government to reverse taxes announced in last month's Budget.

"People have to build a powerful movement using their own strength and their democratic right, because this is not a tax that has the democratic consent of the people," said Socialist TD Joe Higgins.

"The demand is for effective action in order to defeat it and that can only be done with the huge majority that the Government has in the Dáil, with people exercising their own power."

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