Sisters of Ibrahim Halawa rewarded for their campaiging efforts

The sisters of Ibrahim Halawa, who returned to Ireland after spending four years in an Egyptian prison, have been given a special recognition award.

It was presented to the Halawa sisters at the Irish Tatler Women of the Year awards in Dublin last night for their campaigning to get their 21-year-old brother released.

He was acquitted of all charges relating to his arrest at a political protest in Egypt in 2013 and returned home to Ireland earlier this week.

Fatima Halawa says Ibrahim really appreciated their support.

She said: "For him it means a lot that we put our time and effort into allowing his return home and raising that awareness.

"For him, it means the world that he is finally free.

"I think the happiness has been reinstilled into our lives once again, for so long there has been this dark shadow on top of us and finally to be reunited together and being able to celebrate, no words can describe that."


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