SIPTU: Greyhound Household paying the price for mismanagement

SIPTU is hitting out at bosses of Greyhound Household after they said that workers' wages are "reasonable".

“Within the Labour Court recommendations there’s a lot of changes in the recommendations, from legacy terms and conditions,” said Greyhound director Michael Buckley.

“Under the Labour Court recommendation, their pay will still be 10% above industry average.

“I think anyone out there … would see that as being quite reasonable.”

Seventy workers began official strike action at the Clondalkin HQ in Dublin this morning in a row over pay cuts.

Mr Buckley said that that under LRC terms of agreement, staff did not give the required two weeks' notice in order to strike.

Stephen Lewis from SIPTU blamed financial mismanagement for the stoppage.

"This is as a result of a series of financial mismanagement in the company," he said.

"The only people that are paying the price are the drivers and the operators of the vehicles in the business, and I wonder if Mr Buckley was to receive a cut proportionate to the salary that he might earn, whether he might be of the same opinion?"

Greyhound said that an independent report by international business consultants Mazars showed that pay and conditions of the collection crews were unsustainable, and called on the striking staff to return to work under the new conditions, pending further talks at the Labour Court.

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