Sinn Fein want deal with DUP but cannot stagger from one crisis to another

Sinn Fein insist they want a deal with the DUP to restore power-sharing in the North, but can't stagger from one crisis to another.

Mary Lou McDonald was speaking as Westminster prepares to draft a budget for Stormont, following the two parties' failure to reach agreement before the deadline earlier this week.

Deputy McDonald insists that despite the impasse, they remain committed to striking a deal.

She said: "Why should people who live in the North of Ireland be placed at a disadvantage.

"We've been clear with the DUP, clear throughout, that we are here to do a deal, we want a deal, we want the institutions back up and running, we regard them as critically important

"But we also understand at this juncture, that we can't endlessly stagger from one crisis to another."


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