Sinn Féin remain wary of robustness of Brexit deal

Sinn Féin says ’nothing is agreed until it is agreed’.

The party is still concerned about the robustness of the deal between the UK and Ireland as discussions head into Phase Two on Brexit.

David Cullinane

Following the EU Council Summit Leo Varadkar said he is confident the joint agreement reached last week will provide a backstop or safety net providing no hard border, by maintaining regulatory alignment on the island of Ireland.

But Sinn Féin spokesperson on Brexit, David Cullinane, says the benchmark they have set remains the same, and their concerns for the people in Northern Ireland remain the same.

"That means, in practical terms, the north staying in the customs union and single market, protection of the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts which means the Good Friday Agreement staying in the European Union and continuing to enjoy the authority of the European courts," Mr Cullinane said.

"And it also means protecting the rights of citizens and people who live in the north of Ireland who are Irish and European citizens and should be able to enjoy the same level of rights after Brexit."


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