Sinn Féin holds special meeting over Stormont crisis

The Sinn Féin party are holding a special meeting this afternoon to discuss the Stormont crisis.

The North's power sharing executive is facing collapse after they failed to reach a deal on controversial welfare reforms this week.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan will attend an emergency meeting on Tuesday with representatives from the executive and the British government, in the hope of rendering a solution to the problem.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has been hugely critical of the British government's approach to the situation in the North.

"We've been dealing with a British Government that have been totally detached and have shown themselves since they've been re-elected to be partisan in their approach," he said.

"In the aftermath of the British general election, within 24 hours, David Cameron met with the leader of the DUP for an hour. He has since met with the leader of the UUP.

"I made a request for our party to meet with him - that request was refused."

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