Simon Coveney says US and UK unlikely to be on green countries list

The Foreign Affairs Minister, Simon Coveney has confirmed that America won't be on the green list of countries we can travel to.

He also said that it is fairly unlikely that the UK will be on the list either.

Green countries relate to places where Covid-19 is currently decreasing and it is safe to travel to.

Countries that are in the red mean they are places where the virus is increasing and is rapidly spreading.

The list of countries that Irish citizens can travel to without quarantine rules is set to be revealed on Monday.

Countries including Sweden, Bulgaria and Romania will most likely be excluded from the list.

Mr. Coveney says it's unlikely that our nearest neighbours will be on the list.

"There is no question the US won't be on the green list and it is very unlikely our closet neighbour will be under the threshold we have set."

"That's really unfortunate because the two countries that we would really like to open up to in terms of International travel are the UK and the US. Given the integration between our economy and those two countries."