Simon Coveney promises that homelessness will be prioritised

The Minster for Foreign Affairs has said the Government is deeply saddened by the deaths of three homeless people this week.

Simon Coveney, who is a former Minister for Housing, said the government is prioritising homelessness but the problem is far from solved.

The Minister says 2,600 social houses will be built this year compared to 600 last year.

Minister Coveney said having 2,500 homeless children in emergency accommodation is not acceptable.

"I can promise people, on behalf of the Government, that we will prioritise homelessness until we solve it," he said.

"Anytime somebody dies, when they are in a vunerable place, is a tragedy. Whether they are a homeless person or not, that is the case. The Government has a responsibility here to minimise the risk to people who are in very vunerable positions," he added.

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