Simon Community: Government needs to reappraise investment in tackling homelessness

The Simon Community is today calling on the Government to introduce a ‘housing-led’ approach to tackle homelessness.

The group says this involves access to permanent housing with ongoing support, appropriate to each person’s needs.

The Simon Community is set to launch a new report in Waterford later this morning to help inform and assess the use of housing-led services.

National spokesperson for the group, Niamh Randall, say this research highlights that the supply of adequate, affordable housing remains the key challenge in addressing homelessness.

"The main finding really is that housing is the major block preventing us from addressing homelessness all around the country," she said.

"So a supply of adequate, affordable housing is the main challenge

"We're also looking at resources and what's key is funding commitments over key Government departments so what we really need is a reappraisal of the upfront investment required to address homelessness, which involves both the housing side and the support side."

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