Shatter's 'Laura' the only book sent to censorship board in five years; FF calls for change

Alan Shatter

Fianna Fáil has introduced laws to the Dáil to abolish the Censorship of Publications Board, saying it is outdated, having not banned a book since 2003.

The board is without full membership and only one book has been referred to it in the past five years - "Laura" which was written by Justice Minister Alan Shatter in the 1980s.

The Government has agreed it seems sensible to abolish the board, but that it is more complex than just repealing the laws.

Fianna Fáil's justice spokesman Niall Collins said the board is a "quango that should go…Society has moved on.

"E-books cover innumerable spheres of interests, broadening the cultural wealth of the country but also plumbing to the depths of bad taste," he said.

"After all' 50 Shades of Grey' sold almost 60,000 copies in less than two months after its release here.

"This technological revolution occurred hand in hand with a dramatic shift in cultural and social values."

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