Shatter to make Dáil statement on illegal taping claims

The Justice Minister will have two opportunities in the Dáil today to save his job.

Alan Shatter must explain what he knew and when about the secret recording of phone calls in Garda stations, and he will be expected to change the record of the Dáil about whistleblowers.

First up at 10.45am this morning the Justice Minister will make a statement on the secret taping of phone calls in Garda stations, and who knew what and when.

Central here will be why a letter to him two weeks ago from former Commissioner Martin Callinan only made its way into his hand yesterday morning.

Also an explanation of what Attorney General Maire Whelan knew and when will also be demanded.

Then in the afternoon there will be five hours of debate on the Garda Inspectorate Report into penalty points.

There will be pressure on Alan Shatter to withdraw the comments that the whistleblowers had not co-operated.

The effect of this crisis on the voters will be known this weekend as Red C are polling for the Sunday Business Post.

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